Steven Laidlaw

Senior full-stack engineer at SEQTA Software. JavaScript expert. Built Perixi.

Traits of a Scrum Master

July 02, 2019

“So who wants to be the scrum master?” Eyes shift nervously around the room, hoping that someone else will put their hand up for the role…

Creating a Widget Wrapper with React's createPortal

June 04, 2019

React is pretty sweet. It works in a nested, hierarchical way—which is awesome in most cases—but sometimes that can cause issues. Sometimes…

Learn Docker via an Over-engineered Todo

May 06, 2019

Learning new stuff is hard, so today I’m going to guide you through using Docker by over-engineering the hell out of Todo app. We will build…


January 11, 2019

Perixi Preview What Perixi is a desktop app designed from the ground up to make it easier to plan your story. Whether you’re an author…