Run Away From Me cover!

It’s complete! The cover for my first novel has gone through it’s revisions and is ready for your eyes. So without any further ado…


The blurb is also ready, so you guys can finally get an idea of what it’s about:

Alex has lived in New York City for all of her fifteen years, and the only thing she wants for her birthday is for her Mom to be sober. She had learned early on not to expect anything from anyone except herself, and didn’t think anything was going to change that. What she didn’t expect was the discovery of a latent ability that gives her the chance to escape her current life.

But when things don’t go according to plan and she is forced into a life she would have never dreamed for herself, Alex might just have to start learning to put trust in people. Is this new life just the thing she needed, or are the people within it hiding more secrets than she has been told?

I’m still aiming for an early 2016 release, but we will see what the beta readers think and how the editing process goes. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

It’s alive!

So finally my website is up and ready to go, and to start it off I make the title of my first blog entry a cliche. Go me. There are still a few mods to come but it’s okay to be here now and I’m sure I’ll mess with it in the coming weeks… months… years. Anyway I’m hungry so this is what you get for now.

The design process is a lot like writing, and I went through a few iterations before settling on WordPress with the default theme modded a bit. The functionality it adds with such ease is just too good a deal to pass up. You can see the design I was headed toward before at but it was pretty bad. That’s the problem when you throw something together without planning it out first — it usually ends up a pile of crap.

No matter what you’re working on, whether it be writing, design, music, or even an assignment, planning makes the thing 100 times easier. I know that sounds pretty fucking obvious, so I’ll make a note to write a better blog post detailing the planning that goes into writing for me. I almost never start writing until I have the whole story mapped out, that way I don’t get stuck halfway through and end up tossing it all out like I did with Run Away From Me. Twice. Yeah.

But anyway, enjoy the site and stay tuned for more updates and blog posts coming soon. I like writing, so I’ll use this podium to spew whatever garbage I’m thinking of pretty often.

I’m an attention whore, you see. What halfway decent artist isn’t?