The first novel in the exciting new Pulse trilogy by Steven Laidlaw is available right now from your local Amazon website. Click below to get your copy delivered right to your kindle.

Now Available! Pulse by Steven Laidlaw

The first novel in the exciting new urban fantasy trilogy. For fans of parkour and superheroes, be sure to check out Pulse by Steven Laidlaw!

Pickpocket Alexandra Murray has grown up learning that you can never rely on anyone but yourself, and since terrorist attacks gave the military power to act on US soil, it's made life hard for someone who relies on stealing to survive.

That is until her sixteenth birthday when a horrible event triggers something within that changes her life forever. Will this be the change that she's been looking for to make a new life for herself, or will misplaced trust and bad decisions see her lose her very freedom?

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Alexandra Murray is the absolute definition of a raw, realistic, well-refined character whose broken flaws in her personality contrast excellently with her strengths which, in turn, combine to create a protagonist that is interesting and unique in a way that suits the storyline of ‘Pulse’ in a very impressive manner.

'Pulse' explores those ideas and experiences that take a child from being a child into the world of responsibility and adulthood in a uniquely engaging way, while in the guise of science fiction. With characters you honestly relate to, and the willingness to explore the less palatable aspects of growing up, Laidlaw has created a world anyone can lose themselves in.

Overall, this was a real page-turner, but what I probably liked most about Pulse was the protagonist; I liked how realistic Alexandra was. It made her far more interesting than the typical Mary Sue type main characters that seem to plague many genres with female leads.

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