Steven Laidlaw


January 11, 2019

Perixi Preview


Perixi is a desktop app designed from the ground up to make it easier to plan your story. Whether you’re an author, world-builder, or someone who likes creating, Perixi is designed to bring wiki-like links, images, and markdown-like editing to your process.

Perixi Preview


My inspiration was frustration at a lack of a cross-platform tool that could give me Wiki-like features on my personal machine. I looked for months for the perfect app to use while writing, but couldn’t find it, so out of that frustration I decided to build it myself. I never intended to release it, but as I was building it I realised it could be useful to quite a few people, and so made the decision to polish it up to something that everyone could use.


Click to download the latest version of Perixi for your OS

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Senior full-stack engineer at SEQTA Software. JavaScript expert. Built Perixi.