The Pulse Trilogy

Book 1 - Pulse

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Pickpocket Alexandra Murray has grown up learning that you can never rely on anyone but yourself, and since terrorist attacks gave the military power to act on US soil, it’s made life hard for someone who relies on stealing to survive.

That is until her sixteenth birthday when a horrible event triggers something within that changes her life forever. Will this be the change that she’s been looking for to make a new life for herself, or will misplaced trust and bad decisions see her lose her very freedom?

PULSE is the first in an exciting trilogy of action, adventure, romance, and super-powers. Lovers of modern fantasy, this is the book for you.

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Blink Cover Image

Alexandra Murray is back and this time the stakes have been raised to their deadliest heights. After being on the run for months – from people that were once friends – she finds herself at the end of her rope and taking risks she would never have considered in the past.

When she is almost captured she needs to decide what her freedom is really worth. Is the price getting too high to pay? And who is the mysterious man who helped her? Is he someone she can trust, or is it just another case of someone using her for their own agenda? Some risks just might be worth taking.

BLINK is the second thrilling chapter in the Pulse trilogy. With more action, and new powers, this novel is perfect for anyone who loves modern urban fantasy.

Release date: TBA

Licensing and Sharing Philosophy

I love reading. I know that’s probably a given, but I wanted to state it for the record. I. Love. Reading. I love it so much that I started writing. Writing is pretty hard, but it’s worth it to give something back to the world of reading that I’ve gotten so much from myself. To this end, I’ve decided to licence all my current books under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Licence. While that may seem complicated, it’s actually pretty simple and can be broken down into two main concepts:

1. You’re free to share my novel Yep, that’s right. Make copies to give to your friends. Upload it to your favourite torrent tracker. Share it on Usenet. Hell post it up on your blog for all I care. You won’t be in trouble. It’s legal. In fact you’d be doing me a favour. Get out there. Share.

2. You’re free to modify the novel and use its content yourself, with conditions Want to change the ending? Be my guest. Want to write fan-fiction? Go nuts. Want to make a free fan film? Best be hooking me up with the link once it’s posted to YouTube! The only thing here is that you cannot use any of it for commercial gain, and whatever you create also has to be under this licence. Also you have to give me credit for the original, and link back to it. Aside from that though, you’re good to get creating!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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