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Steven Laidlaw was born in Western Australia and moved around a lot as a kid. As a teenager a drunk friend introduced him to Raymond Feist, and so began a quest to read as many fantasy novels as he could get his hands on (which, being in a kid rural Australia in the 90s, wasn’t very many). Naturally this led to attempting writing a few, but as is genrally the case with youth it never really progressed anywhere.

After his teenage years, Steven moved to the big city of Perth (which, if anyone knows cities, really isn’t that big) to fulfill his dream of no longer living in the bush. This worked out rather well and therefore he needed to find some more dreams. Among following various other aspirations, he also began writing more in earnest. Awful stuff. Fan-fiction of the worst kind, and “original” fantasy fare that faithfully stuck to every predictable trope possible.

A few years ago he got serious about the writing part and started dedicating a lot more time to such. Over the course of two years he wrote, trashed, and re-wrote his debut novel, now known Pulse. He is still writing to this day, jumping between the Pulse sequel and fourteen other novel ideas that have been floating around in his head.

You can find his latest updates on this site and Twitter. Or subscribe to my mailing list in the sidebar. He doesn’t spam, and doesn’t update more than once every two months. Promise.


When is your next book coming out?

See the progress bar on the right? That’s about as close an estimate as you’re going to get I’m afraid. Usually that’s just the first draft, too, so when that hits 100% add another 6-18 months on top.

Will [insert_character] [insert_action]??

Nah. Well, probably. Maybe.

How many books set in the Pulse universe are you planning on writing?

At minimum three, as the trilogy is already completely planned out. Ideally six, as I have a second trilogy in mind, but we will have to see how it goes as I do have a few other standalone novels and series I plan on writing before getting back around to the second trilogy.

Can I ask you a question about the series, or writing in general?

You can ask, but if it’s regarding something that is yet to be revealed I won’t be able to tell you. For anything else, and any writing questions, yes feel free to contact me! The best way is probably the ‘Contact’ section of the site. I try to answer every email I get, but can’t promise it will be right away.


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Latest Novel Progress


The Pulse Trilogy Book 2

33% Complete

30,995 / 90,000 estimated words

A Dead Man's Daughter

An Arriland Novel

1.5% Complete

2,322 / 150,000 estimated words


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